Thursday, March 16, 2017

Gary Illyes Says Ranking Do Not Place During Indexing

DYK people often think ranking takes place during indexing, but the index is only a storage. Ranking actually happens during serving.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Wake Up Developers: If You Aren‘t Thinking About SEO, Quit!

There is a very interesting post of  Philip Kushmaro on SEMrush about Developers who don't know much about SEO and don't develop website as Google or any other search engine recommends for. There are some major developing mistakes for which he warned them for it.

Major Developing Mistakes, You Shouldn't Do:
  • Don’t Make CSS Mistakes You Will Regret
  • Respect the Mobile Bar: UI/UX
  • Mobile Matters!
  • There is More Than One (Re)direction
  1. Canonical redirects
  2. 301 Redirects
  3. htaccess
  • Images, video and JS/CSS - Site Speed
  • Servers
  • CDNs
  • Small but mighty – URL structure

If you are still not aware about these SEO factors of website, it's a wake up call for you.

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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Roll out An Improvement To Your Website Page? Don't Worry, We will Find It.

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A string at Google Webmaster Help gatherings has a website admin worried that Google isn't permitting him to physically utilize the submit to list as a part of the get in render instrument in Google Webmaster Tools for all the URLs on his webpage. As you know, there is a farthest point to how regularly you can utilize that highlight every day/every month. 

Because of the website admins concern, Google's John Mueller said on the string: 

You don't need to submit pages when they're changed -- we re-crawl the web automatically to pick those changes up (you could also use sitemaps & feeds if you wanted to point out individual changed pages).

That is correct, that is the thing that Google Bot does, it is about searching out and expending new and changed substance and site pages. So in the event that you truly need to assist it for countless, use Sitemaps.

Source: Seroundtable