Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Optimizing For Mobile in 2017: Expert SEO Tips

Mobile search has become a part of today’s reality, but there are still some blind spots that can make optimizing for mobile a bit stressful. To relieve this pressure, we invited the marketing masterminds Eric Enge, Cindy Krum, Roy Hinkis, and Bryson Meunier to discuss mobile SEO. Read on to learn:
  • What you should be doing right now to make your site rank higher on mobile SERPs
  • Whether to take advantage of AMP and what it does to your site speed.
  • How you should change your keyword strategy to accommodate voice search
  • Whether a responsive website design is better than an adaptive one.
Plus, our guest experts shared their thoughts on the future of mobile and reveal what the featured snippet of tomorrow looks like.
Although Google has already begun experimenting with mobile-first indexing, according to Gary Illyes’s speech at SMX West, this update doesn’t have a specific launch date yet. But still, the mobile search traffic share is growing. So, what should people be doing right now to attract as much mobile traffic as possible? What should their short-term SEO concerns be? Find out below.

Run the Mobile Usability report

Bryson Meunier: "One of the easiest things to do is to focus on the mobile usability issues in Google Search Console. When we focused on those at Vivid Seats, we actually increased our mobile search traffic by 82 percent and all we did was look at the issues in GSC and fix them — so things like making sure that the font sizes are legible and making sure that you configure the viewport. And Google has outlined all of these things that you really need to focus on. It sounds very basic, but it can have a really big impact."

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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Gary Illyes Says Ranking Do Not Place During Indexing

DYK people often think ranking takes place during indexing, but the index is only a storage. Ranking actually happens during serving.

Source Methode

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Wake Up Developers: If You Aren‘t Thinking About SEO, Quit!

There is a very interesting post of  Philip Kushmaro on SEMrush about Developers who don't know much about SEO and don't develop website as Google or any other search engine recommends for. There are some major developing mistakes for which he warned them for it.

Major Developing Mistakes, You Shouldn't Do:
  • Don’t Make CSS Mistakes You Will Regret
  • Respect the Mobile Bar: UI/UX
  • Mobile Matters!
  • There is More Than One (Re)direction
  1. Canonical redirects
  2. 301 Redirects
  3. htaccess
  • Images, video and JS/CSS - Site Speed
  • Servers
  • CDNs
  • Small but mighty – URL structure

If you are still not aware about these SEO factors of website, it's a wake up call for you.

Image via SEMrush